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The MidWest One Bank Wealth Management Story For over 80 years, we have helped individuals, families and institutions grow, manage and preserve their wealth. At MidWest One , we utilize our resources and community bank roots to deliver com- prehensive wealth management services that are tailored to your needs. Our professionals have earned long-term relationships by helping our customers and communi- ties succeed. The communities we serve are the inspiration of our organization, and the purpose behind our existence. That’s why customers like you are at the heart of everything we do. When you walk into any MidWest One location, you’ll probably see our mission statement displayed: “Take care of our customers and those who should be.” It is not only our mission, it’s who we are. Why MidWest One ? Using MidWest One Bank’s philosophy and expertise, you leverage the resources of an institutional investor with the benefits of fiduciary services and the client focus of trusted advisors. We believe these are the things that make a difference for our clients: • Single point of contact leading a team of financial specialists with expertise in Trust, Wealth and Estate Planning, Trust Services, Risk Management, Private Banking and Investment Management • Development of comprehensive strategies that address your lifestyle, legacy and charitable goals while seeking to minimize risk • Long-term investment strategies with tactical shifts to take advantage of market opportunities that align with your risk tolerance objectives • Fiduciary standard: we always act in the best interest of you and your family Community We believe the positive actions of each one of us contribute to the success of us all. While we started as a community bank in Iowa, we’ve since grown to 57 locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Florida. Visit us soon to experience for yourself how MidWest One is simply better banking!

We promise to make you our number One priority!

Your MidWest One Team

Working together as One team

Your MidWest One team includes investment professionals, attorneys, bankers, and trust and estate administrators—all working together to create savvy solutions for you and your family. For many of our clients, our team members become like members of the family, providing guidance and comfort during times of change. Our commitment to you is to passionately pursue your financial objectives as if they were our own.

Sean P. Wenham First Vice President, Regional Trust Manager Contact:, or 763.512.5297

“I believe in bringing an adventurous spirit into everything I do and use daily practices to reinforce my core values which include fitness, nature, learning, authenticity, mindfulness, and acceptance.”

With over 20 years of experience leading specialized teams to meet the unique financials needs of his clients, Sean believes the success of any professional relationship lies in sharing a clear understanding of values, goals, and objectives; and in engaging dialogue supported by a sys- tematic process for delivering personalized information and results.

Justin Parker, JD, CFP® Vice President, Trust Officer Contact:, or 763.274.3213

“When advising my clients, I stick to my unwavering belief to always act in their best interests, and ensure they make informed decisions to fulfill their lifestyle, legacy, and charitable goals.”

With finance and law degrees, Justin is a Certified Financial Planner® and an experienced wealth planner with a demonstrated history of advising high net worth clients on wealth protection and transfer strategies.

Kong Her Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager Contact:, or 763.512.2561

“Growing up in an immigrant family with no prior knowledge of the capital markets, I have seen firsthand how incremental investments can have a transformative impact on individuals and families. My passion for the work I do is rooted in this very personal experience.

Kong is an investment professional with over twenty years of portfolio management, invest- ment risk, and securities analysis experience, and has had tenures with some of the largest asset management firms in the industry. He is passionate about the capital markets and has taught finance and investments courses at the university level.

Dave Schultes Vice President, Private Banker Contact:, or 763.512.2576

“Banking isn’t about selling; it’s about providing solutions. I pride myself on being the first and only phone call customers need to make regardless of their financial need or question.”

Dave has a passion for banking that continues to grow after more than 20 years. His expertise lies in navigating the complexities of cash management and credit strategies for bank clients. He focuses on building long-term relationships with a dedication to every aspect of the customer experience.

Communication is the Foundation of Great Planning

We believe in creating and following a long-term plan. We base the frequency and type of com- munication on what works best for you. Our experience has shown us that the best long-term planning is achieved by collaborative problem-solving and dialogue because you, your family, your assets, your documents and your circumstances are always changing. That constant change should translate into actions taken within your plan such as account retitling, beneficiary desig- nations, account structure, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, etc. We can help you take necessary steps to ensure your plan reflects what you want by having regular updates and reviews.

A Team Approach with Specialized Services Together with other professionals, such as your CPA and personal attorney, we coordinate our specialized expertise and resources to customize solutions for your current situation and life goals:

Trust, Wealth and Estate Planning • Wealth and legacy protection • Charitable giving • Trusteed IRAs • Trust services • Estate planning and administration • Trust tax services • Real estate protection • Bill payment • Financial Power of Attorney

Risk Management • Review insurance needs • Long-term care • Income stream planning

Private Banking • Lending solutions • Cash management • Concierge service

Investment Management • Individualized portfolios • Concentrated stock holding strategies • Multi-manager accounts • Due-diligence selection and review

Financial Planning • Asset allocation guidance • Cash flow analysis • Retirement planning • Education planning • Stock option analysis

• Institutional investments • Foundation investments

Trust & Estate Planning


Financial Planning

Risk Management

Private Banking

Investment Management

We put you at the center of everything we do.

We put you at the center of all that we do.

Wealth Planning

You’ve got a vision. We’ll provide the guidance.

Whether it’s succession planning and the unique issues for estate planning and retirement related to owning your own business, or the myriad life events you know you need to be ready for, we can leverage our expert team to help you develop a plan that will achieve your goals. At MidWest One, we combine sophisticated financial planning and disciplined investment man- agement to create a custom solution for your specific needs.

What keeps you awake at night?

Our clients rely on us to help them navigate unfolding life events: • Simplify life to spend more time doing what you love • Have confidence in your plan for retirement • Create a legacy • Manage a farm, commercial real estate, or other real property • Plan for your family’s transfer of wealth • Eliminate the burden of administering an estate or trust • Ensure your spouse will have support with the financial side of things

• Avoid conflict among family with differing views • Find ways to make the biggest charitable impact

Let us help you increase your “sleep-at-night” factor

A good financial partner can make sure you have a plan for whatever may come. An even better financial partner has a team structure in place to give you access to expertise in many arenas; has an independent and non-proprietary investment platform that emphasizes your objectives and independent research; is an experienced fiduciary with the ability to provide a wide range of services; and has a cost structure which is not only competitive but is also simple, transparent, and easy to understand.

Wealth Management knows no age.

Our Investment Philosophy

Process drives investment success

As the investment manager of your assets, we performmultiple roles. We manage individual security strategies to save cost and improve efficiencies. We select and monitor outside managers when used in your portfolio and ensure broad diversification and good due-diligence. We bring a comprehensive investment solution to the many moving parts that make up your overall port- folio so we are acting in coordination with your goals, objectives, tax planning, income and cash flow needs.

Investment management is risk management

Diversification is the cornerstone of our portfolio management process and it drives the decisions we make. Portfolios are built with exposure to multiple asset classes, many of which have low correlations with each other, thereby reducing the overall volatility of your portfolio. We believe in comparing our returns to the appropriate benchmarks which help us manage risk and make sure we are providing good value to our clients.

Investing is a long-term endeavor

Markets go up and down and investment fads come and go. We believe that portfolio management should be built on sound investment principles using a disciplined approach and independent research. That’s why we don’t use proprietary funds, we do in-depth data analysis, and we use dynamic benchmarks to evaluate both the risk and the performance within our portfolio management strategies.

Active management can enhance returns and control risk

We believe that active management can be beneficial to reduce risk and potentially enhance return versus a passive approach. We actively manage all portfolios utilizing both active and passive investment solutions as necessary.

Costs matter

Though we emphasize active management, we do so with an eye on expenses. Over time, the cost of delivering an investment strategy matters. These include management costs, trading costs, and even the indirect cost of taxes paid on investment transactions. We utilize institutional funds and individual securities strategies to help control investment costs. We evaluate expense ratios as part of our investment management, we don’t accept 12b1 fees, we utilize no-load institutional funds, and we build a portfolio focused on growing and protecting your assets while being cost efficient.

Our investment principles stand the test of time.

A Disciplined Approach Our approach to asset allocation and diversification is based on one simple insight. No one asset class or style always outperforms. No single manager is great at everything. History repeats this story time and time again. This insight informs our diversified approach, and we draw upon our expertise to create a portfolio that can achieve your goals.

Step One: Set objectives

Gathering the Inputs: The most important step in the investing process is identifying and defining investment goals and objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and other personal con- siderations. With this information, we help you document your investment election and detail the investment strategy to be used for the ongoing management of your portfolio.

Step Two: Develop asset allocation

Building the Portfolio: Asset allocation is the practice of spreading risk across a range of invest- ment classes and management styles in order to balance the effect of any single aspect of the market. History has proven that proper asset allocation is the prime determinant of how your portfolio performs.

Step Three: Implement the plan

Building out specific strategies to include in your portfolio requires many considerations. We build a broad implementation plan that fits within the constraints of your asset allocation guidelines, and we ensure that the execution remains consistent with your stated objective and account circumstances.

Step Four: Manage and monitor

A critical part of good investment management is oversight and regular realignment. Constantly changing market and economic factors can derail a good plan. We keep a close eye on your portfolio and will determine when it’s in your best interest to rebalance and when it’s time to replace individual holdings, using rigorous analysis. Our portfolio management teams review the strategy and metrics with our Investment Committee regularly.

Trust us to do what’s right for you.

An Investment Approach Tailored to You

Our investments process is designed to provide investors with comprehensive investment solu- tions that meet their goals and objectives. We build targeted portfolios across varying risk levels, implement them efficiently, and manage them according to their risk objective. You only need to worry about helping us define your goals and objectives‒we take care of the rest.

MidWest One (MWO) Asset Allocation Portfolio Series (MAAPS)

MAAPS Mutual Fund Portfolios

MAAPS Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios Similar to the mutual fund portfolios above, these asset allocation strategies utilize low cost ETF managers to create portfolios with equity and fixed income asset classes. Access the expertise of our investment teams through mutual fund portfolios designed to give investors core exposure to equity and fixed income asset classes. Funds are screened for cost, risk, performance, firm and management style to create high quality portfolios.

• Aggressive Growth • Growth • Moderate Growth • Conservative Growth • Conservative • Fixed Income • MWO Muni Bond Strategy

Managed Individual Equity Strategies

• MWO Managed Equity • MWO Large Cap Value

Our experienced in-house investment managers create special- ized strategies using individual securities. This provides a very focused management approach and greater cost control.

Custom Strategies

For large, more complex portfolios, we build custom strategies that combine components of our various strategies with other asset classes to target a specific risk profile. Portfolios are built with a core approach where equity and fixed income are the “anchor” for the strategy and other asset classes may be used to improve risk-adjusted returns.

• Talk to your team about a portfolio suited specifically to your vision.

You set your goals—we take care of the rest!

Your Trust Matters

Why MidWestOne?

Our clients tell us that what they most appreciate about doing business with us is that they know they can trust us to do what is right for them. We believe our strength is in our ability to be a good partner, to listen, and to understand that the path is based on where you want to go, and your unique objectives and challenges. We can provide options and solutions, but at the end of the day, it’s about helping you achieve your goals while having a good “sleep at night” factor.

• Fiduciary standard • Effective investment process • Investment performance • Competitive fee structure • Collaborative team approach • Committed partnership

MidWest One Bank’s Operating Principles: • Take care of our customers • Hire and retain excellent employees • Always conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity • Work as one team • Learn constantly so we continually improve

Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value | Not a Deposit | Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

We take care of our customers...and those who should be.

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