Fall 2018 Flipping Book


Making Change Game

T his game requires dice and real or cardboard coins and is appropriate for kids who know how to add numbers. The goal of the game is to collect the correct number of coins to create a dollar. Players take coins based on a roll of the die. The numbers on the die correlate to the coin values as follows:

1 — Penny 2 — Nickel 3 — Dime 4 — Quarter 5 — Any coin (wild card) 6 — Lose a turn

Players take turns rolling the die and adding coins. The winner becomes the first player to reach exactly one dollar. If taking a coin would put the player over a dollar, the player loses the turn. Your goal doesn’t always have to be a dollar, for an added challenge change it at the beginning of every game!

Dear Junior Banker

T he bankers in my nest high atop American Trust have been working hard to make it easier than ever for my Junior Banker’s Club members to enjoy fun events, learn about money, and earn valuable rewards! So you can get the latest information about what’s happening at the Club, I would like to send my Earny-the-Eagle mail and news- letters directly to you, my young savers. Currently, this newsletter is sent to an adult’s address. Going foward we will send to your address, and addressed to you! This change does not apply to statements. It will only apply to information about Club events and financial education. If your parent or guardian does not want this to change as described above, please call Club Coordinator Erin Schumacher at 563-582-1841 or 800-373-1841 by November 1.

I don’t want you to miss out on the fun of getting your own mail, earning valuable rewards points for participating, or learn- ing about the importance of saving.


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